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Like every new technology, when it’s first introduced those companies that adopt it early have the advantage over those who do not, but eventually it shifts from being an advantage to an absolute necessity as the majority eventually catch up and competition becomes tough. With Google having recently celebrated 15 years we have reached the point where websites have become the norm, it’s highly unusual to find a business that does not have a website of some sort today, although believe it or not there are still a few.

With the number of websites on the internet reaching 1 Billion, that’s one website for roughly every seven people on the planet, and Google alone processing over 3.5 Billion online searches per day, competition for exposure and top spots has become incredibly fierce, most websites will unfortunately simply disappear into online obscurity, but the rewards of getting your website up the rankings are immense for your business, the sweet cherry is on top.

Research shows that the number 1 spot on search results receives as much as 42% of the traffic, number 2 at 12% and number 3 at around 8% and the figures keep dropping as you rank lower.

Although the details of exactly how online search algorithms work are a closely guarded secret and constantly changing, we do know what the Search Engines regard as important in how a website ranks in searches. A good website designer is essential in getting your website ranked highly in online searches. It’s a skill, an art, and a lot of ongoing hard work, that’s why it’s vital that you partner with a good web designer on an ongoing basis who will constantly monitor your sites performance and do whatever is necessary to keep your website well positioned in searches. Online marketing is a highly fluid and dynamic environment an unmanaged website WILL drop down the rankings over time as the search engines make changes to their algorithms, new competitors enter the market and your existing competitors improve their websites optimisation and ranking.

Website Optimisation doesn’t end once visitors arrive at your website.

The basics of marketing, namely AIDA still apply to your website, you want to turn those visitors into clients.


If you don’t yet have a website then it’s imperative that you get one, Search Engines must be able to find it and it needs to be optimised to Rank highly in Online Searches.


Your website needs to be further optimised to maximise “Click Through Rate” on the search results. Search results must provide the correct information and encourage the client to click on your link.


Once a prospective client has clicked onto your website it must load quickly, the landing page must be designed in a manner as to quickly let the client know that your company is the one they are looking for.

What makes a good Website?

There are numerous Marketing and Technical factors that result in your
website generating, not just traffic, but maximum business for you.

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Optimisation for Google.

Google accounts for roughly 95% of Internet traffic in South Africa, make sure your website is Google friendly.
Google Adwords are a very powerful tool for new companies or highly competitive industries.

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Creating Success

Having a website is a necessity, but a well optimised website is an advantage.