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Social media has literally exploded in recent years with a confusing array of options now available. Some are more personal in nature, but others offer genuine benefits for business.

Certain social media products suit certain business types more than others, but just about every business can benefit from an appropriately chosen social media campaign.

Facebook has the advantage of being the largest social network offering some powerful marketing options, Google + being a Google product offers the advantage of ‘Google places’ enabling your business to be found in local Google searches.

You Tube is great for business who benefit from being able to post video, Pinterest’s strength is in pictures and Twitter for posting comments.

We would not recommend that you try to run a social campaign on every available platform, but to rather pick one or two that suit your business best and put all your time, money and effort into those.

Build a Captive Audience.

Get people talking about your business. Social media is like the online equivalent to word of mouth marketing. You want to get people talking about your business by sharing quality content about who you are and what you do.

People will hopefully share this content with their friends as a recommendation of your company, this way you will grow a captive audience.

Social media is naturally more beneficial to companies of a certain nature because it’s “social”, people tend to be on social media to be entertained and follow friends, not necessarily to shop. Use this social aspect as a means to build brand awareness, generate followers and get people onto your website.

Social Media is basically an online extension of real life.

Social media is equivalent to networking in real life, most people are not on Social Media to do business, they are there to socialise, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an effective method of gaining business.

Imagine you’re at a Cocktail Party, you have a room full of potential customers, but you can’t just walk in and announce on stage over the microphone who you are and start trying to sell your products or services to them, that would be considered inconsiderate and rude behaviour.

You can however mingle freely with everyone in the room introducing yourself and casually dropping what you do for a living in conversation, maybe even hand out a few business cards.

So by the end of the evening you have achieved the same result without rudely interrupting the social event, everyone in the room knows who you are, what you do and those who took your card will even have your contact details. You may even have made some “friends” who will recommend your services to others.

Social media is not for hard selling, you are communicating with people at a time when they may not require your products or services, so keep it light, conversational and entertaining and it will lead to future business.

Check for Online Groups or Communities in your area that are specifically designed for the slightly more aggressive Selling approach.

Otherwise leave the hard selling approach to your website, which is something people will find at a time when they do require your services.

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Increase Brand Awareness.

Social Media is a great tool for increasing Brand Awareness and building a captive audience for your products and services.

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Creating Success

Social media is an extremely effective marketing tool, acting as online word of mouth.