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The main reason for a business to invest in a website, or improve on their existing website, is to attract more customers and ultimately generate more business.

Website Optimising is the art of ensuring that more potential customers end up on your website when they are searching online for products or services that your company provides.

 To achieve this requires three essential ingredients:

Every industry and business is different, but the above three requirements apply equally to all.

It’s important to realise that effective website optimisation is not a once off activity, but an ongoing process. Following the three rules above will give us a very good idea of what your website may require initially, but this can always be improved upon by regular monitoring of actual results and making the necessary alterations.

Even if your website achieves immediate success the internet is a dynamic ever changing environment, there is no guarantee that your website will remain effective over time, Google constantly make changes to their algorithms, new competitors enter the market or existing competitors improve on their websites, even your own business will change over time. A stale website will drop in Google Rankings, it’s essential that you partner with an professional Online Marketing company who will ensure that your website constantly improves in performance over time, even a small climb in the rankings can result in a huge jump in business.

Highly optimising your website, for specific keywords only, is risky.

So many SEO companies promise to get your website to rank number 1 for a certain number of keywords or phrases on Google searches.

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Optimisation for Google.

Google accounts for roughly 95% of Internet traffic in South Africa, make sure your site is Google friendly.
Google Adwords are a very powerful tool for new companies or highly competitive industries.

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Creating Success

The art of providing the right information to the right person at the right time.




The secret to Highly Effective Search Engine Optimisation, SEO.

The first question we will ask you is, What do you want your website to do for you?

This may seem like a fairly inane question as the majority of responses will immediately be, We want our website to bring us more business, but there are those who may have other reasons for creating or improving on their online presence, educational, social etc and that will require a different approach.

For the sake of example let’s assume you run an Electrical Business that operates in the Durbanville area and you want to attract more business. The first mistake most SEO companies make is to excessively target the obvious high value keywords like “Electrician in Durbanville”.

The problem is that there may be one or two hundred electricians in Durbanville all competing for the number one ranking for the keyphrase “Electrician in Durbanville” making it very difficult to even get on the first page of Google Results never mind number 1.

By aiming for the “Cherry on Top” you may miss out on getting a larger slice of the cake, while it is important to try and rank highly for the obvious high value keywords these are not the only source of potential business, in fact sometimes your assumption of what may be the obvious key words for your business could be very wrong.

A good Online Marketer will take time to get a better understanding of your company, analysing what makes your company unique as opposed to your competitors. Although there may be many Electrical Companies in Durbanville they all differ in size, age of company, specialities, qualifications, services offered, operating hours, experience, areas serviced etc.

The term Electrician is so vague it encompasses very different industries, an Auto Electrician is totally different from an Appliance Electrician which is totally different from a Construction Electrician, but they all have the word “Electrician” in the name and will all feature in the search term “Electrician in Durbanville” if they are situated in Durbanville.

Simply optimising for “Electrician in Durbanville” could end up being a waste of your time as you field numerous inquiries for services you do not provide in areas you do not operate in, ultimately you want business not flattering traffic figures on your website.

Once we have a better understanding of your company we will then research the online search patterns of your potential customers for your specific services to ascertain the genuine key words and phrases that will attract the maximum potential business to your website.

Only once we have a thorough understanding of your business and your clients search behaviour do we begin to design and develop your website.


SEO is not a once off, but an ongoing process.