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The Online Marketing Specialists.
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Based in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.


real time data reportingonline cloud based database on multiple devices.

Information is power, but getting the correct information to the right person at the right time is true power.

Taking raw information and being able to turn it into real time business intelligence at the press of a button is awesome power.

The world is speeding up, business can no longer rely on manually generated reports that are based on data that is two or three months old, you cannot plan for the past, you need to know what is happening right now to enable you to plan for the future.

We can custom design a tailored online business system for any enterprise, big or small.

Track each and every transaction from inquiry right through to eventual delivery in real time. Powerful reporting enables management to track the source of each inquiry, who is handling the inquiry, the progress and nature of the inquiry and percentage of inquiries that become actual business.

Process control, receive inquiries directly online - inquiries are assigned to the relevant sales division - orders are placed online - orders assigned to accounting and despatch. The entire system is custom designed to your specific needs.

Cloud Based Database Systems, CRM.

The system resides in the Cloud making it accessible from any PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world on your Website, Mobile Website, dedicated mobile app or any combination of these.

Powerful security authentication keeps your information secure, users can only access what they are permitted to access, or sections can be made public e.g. Your Product pages and inquiry forms.

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Fully customisable cloud based applications.

Fully Customisable Online Business Management Systems or CRM.

Monitor, Manage or Automate many of your business processes. Improve internal efficiency and customer service.
Compatible with Websites, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps and intranet.

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Creating Success

Powerful Online Database applications, custom designed CRM to empower your business.



Online Database

Most CRM packages are quite simply “out of reach” for most smaller enterprise, they charge exorbitant monthly user fees, they are complicated and time consuming to set up.

The monthly user fees can often lead to the power of the system being under utilised as companies try to keep the costs down.

We can custom develop a CRM for any business, big or small, according to your budget and needs. You only pay for the initial design and setup then ongoing usage, traffic.

There are no user fees or limits, you could have as few as one user, or many hundreds.

Our CRM system is cloud based and compatible with many systems, intranet, internet, websites, mobile apps etc so even people on the go, anywhere in the world,  can easily be part of the system.

Don’t opt for the one size fits all, rather have a CRM system custom developed for your business according to your needs, you only pay for what you need and what you use with no budgetary user limitations.

Track, manage and get real time reports on the state of your business, from anywhere in the world with a custom designed CRM system.

Get a professional CRM, Customer Relationship Management, package custom designed for your business without the excessive User Fees.