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mobile device internet usage on the increase.graph of internet device usage

There is no denying that mobile usage for internet purposes is on the increase. Not only are the mobile devices themselves improving in processing power, but the wireless internet access for mobile devices is also improving in speed and reliability.

Mobile internet usage has grown to equal that of PC usage. Google has taken this trend seriously with a recent algorithm update on 21 April 2015 designed to give mobile friendly websites preference in mobile search results over non mobile friendly sites when the search is executed on a mobile device.

Companies that do not have a mobile friendly website will as a result of these changes lose rankings, traffic and ultimately business.

Yes, it is possible to have two separate websites, one for PC and one for Mobile, but we highly recommend a Hybrid Responsive website design, get the best of both.

Effective Mobile Compatible Website Design.

The basics of an effective mobile friendly website are the same as a normal website, except that it’s designed for viewing on a small touch sensitive screen.

Meaning that more needs to be crammed into less.

The space limitations require much more creativity to get your message across.

Mobile Websites need to be kept simple and pages need to be “small” in data size in order to reduce the amount of bandwidth and time required for pages to load as not all mobile users will be connected to free uncapped WiFi, but may be using expensive data on their airtime packages.

Mobile users interact differently with your website to normal users. Mobile users require the necessary information at their finger tips without too much browsing or searching.

Normally a mobile user just needs to know how to find you or how to contact you at the click of a button, so KISS…Keep it Simple, Silly.

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google mobile website optimisation

Mobile Friendly Optimisation.

We highly recommend a responsive hybrid website design as opposed to separate PC and Mobile friendly websites.

More traffic, less administration and less cost.

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Google figures indicate that Mobile internet usage is increasing.

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