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mobile app development

Mobile app’s put you in your customers pocket, unlike a mobile website which exists online requiring that your customers first find you, a Mobile App is a piece of software which gets downloaded on to mobile device which puts you at your clients fingertips 24 hours a day.

Usage of Mobile devices is increasing exponentially, this gives you an incredible opportunity to grab a piece of a rapidly growing market.

Mobile app’s are an extremely powerful tool for many business’s, not just from a marketing point of view, but also as a genuine business tool.

Clients can make use of your app to find your business, view your products and services, submit inquiries and place orders, your company can also utilise mobile app’s to improve internal efficiency, incoming inquiries can be forwarded directly to the relevant sales department, sales calls can be tracked, quotes correlated and internal orders placed all in Real Time from anywhere, anytime. Your sales force should be out seeing clients, not wasting time in the office doing admin work. Get powerful real time reporting of sales activities.

The Pro’s of a Mobile App.

Whereas a Mobile App can also double as Mobile Website the same cannot be said in reverse.

A mobile app exists physically on the mobile device, so not only is it more convenient to access, but it does not necessarily require internet access to work. (Excluding certain features.)

Offering your clients a Mobile App gives you an immediate edge over your competitors, simply because your customers now have immediate access, on their mobile device, to YOU, they don’t have to search for you, they literally carry you around in their pocket. Research shows that most people have their mobile devices on their person up to 92% of the time.

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Platform Compatibility.

You don’t have to choose, we make sure your Mobile App is compatible with all the major platforms, Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows and Kindle.

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Creating Success

Mobile App’s are not only a great Marketing tool, but also be a powerful business tool.



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