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You might already have a website for your business, but unfortunately that is not enough anymore.

The increase in Mobile usage has made it imperative to ensure that your website is also Mobile Compatible or you WILL lose traffic and ultimately business.

As of 21 April 2015 Google started changing the way it ranks websites on searches originating from mobile devices, if your website is not mobile friendly it will drop down the rankings on these searches. Google stats show that around 50% of the internet traffic now originates from Mobile devices, you simply cannot afford to miss out on this growing trend.

You could develop a separate mobile friendly website, but why lose all that optimisation and traffic you’ve built up over the years on your existing website, rather just add to it and make it a hybrid responsive website. It’s one website, with one address that automatically detects the size of the devices it’s being viewed on and provides the viewer with the correctly sized version.

Hybrid Responsive Website Design.

A Hybrid Responsive website design holds numerous advantages as opposed to a separate PC and mobile website structure or a purely Responsive Website.

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Make sure your website is Mobile Compatible.

If your website is not mobile compatible you could be losing 25% - 50% of your traffic to your competitors and usage of mobile devices is growing rapidly.

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Do you already have a website? Make sure it’s both Mobile and PC Compatible.

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Hybrid Website

What is the difference in a Purely Responsive and Hybrid Responsive website.